Snapshot: India

It’s hard for me to describe with any amount of words just how much I love India. I could write about it all day and still not do it any justice, so here are some of my favorite pictures. If each one is worth a thousand words, there should be plenty to read.

Snapshot: Milford Sound

Honestly, there aren’t even enough words for me to begin describing how spectacular Milford Sound is. Here are a few pictures to try and do it justice instead.

Snapshot: Sydney Flyby

It has been the craziest few days of what feels like nonstop flights: Newark to San Fran, San Fran to Sydney, Sydney to Christchurch. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we took a two day stop in Sydney before continuing on to Christchurch. It simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday. The […]

My Sweet Summer

girl walking with flowers in foreground

It’s rare that I’m able to catch my favorite moments on camera, as they’re seemingly so fleeting and spontaneous.

Cape May Snow Day

After the weather cools down and tourists leave, Cape May slows its pulse and tucks herself in for winter hibernation.

Somewhere in Austria

climbing in austrian mountains

A few years back, I ventured throughout Europe with my sister, Sam, and my bird-a-holic dad. When I say bird-a-holic, I mean it. My dad was born in raised in England, where birding is parallel to being a sport, and not just one for old people. It’s legit.

Alta Acqua – Hidden Gem of Venice

back door of Alta Acqua

If you’re a book fiend like I am, then you need to visit this hidden gem in Venice, Italy. Nestled within the winding alleyways is a beautiful store where gondolas are filled to the brim with books, and there’s a staircase in the back with books stacked so high with you can literally walk up […]

8 Hours in Amsterdam

I’ve been so busy trying to write more, that I forgot I had some older posts from a few summers ago. This was from the summer of 2016, when my sister and I traveled through Europe in the summer. This is my journal from Amsterdam:

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