Somewhere in Austria


A few years back, I ventured throughout Europe with my sister, Sam, and my bird-a-holic dad. When I say bird-a-holic, I mean it. My dad was born in raised in England, where birding is parallel to being a sport, and not just one for old people. It’s legit.

man sits on rock
The legend himself

His passion for birds has taken us all over the world, from England to Egypt and then to Austria. But here’s the thing… I have just about exactly no clue where we were in Austria. Am I just an oblivious tourist? Not quite. We always rough it when traveling (the best way to do it!) by either sleeping in the car, camping, or finding cheap accomodation. This night, we slept in the car, only to realize that when we woke up my dad had driven us somewhere up into the mountains.

cow eats grass on mountain is austria

More than that, when we poked our heads out of the windows as the sun rose, we found ourselves surrounded by wild horses. (Anyone skilled at identifying horses vs. ponies? Send help.) So we un-burritoed ourselves from our blankets to hop out and say hello in the brisk morning air. One pony had a go at my sister’s granola bar. She’ll hate me for putting this photo up, but we don’t have to tell her…

horse tries to take granola bar form girl
This may be my favorite photo of Sam. Ever.
First they went for the granola bar, then the hair. 

I also say wild because they seemed pretty unaccustomed to cars, and after the granola bar had a go at nibbling on that, too.

horses gathered around car
Not exactly sure why they think this looks appetizing.

Wherever it was that we ended up is my favorite place in Austria, even though I may never know exactly where that is. If any of you lovely followers happen to know by some strange chance where this could possibly be, leave a comment and I will love you forever!!

climbing in austrian mountains

For now, enjoy these photos from somewhere in Austria!

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