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The long and short of it is that I’m an ocean-loving gal currently living in the city. I’ve bippity-bopped around the world a few times and now I’m doing the behind-the-desk job. But, as my fellow water babies know, you can never truly leave the ocean. So, this is a space that explores the depths of all things wild and blue, from the waves across the way to the poetry whispered in a salty breeze. 

Here, you’ll find a mix of water-based adventures, thoughtful ramblings, and other ways to stay connected to the ocean (via good reads, podcasts, and films). 

PS This website is still very much a work in progress…. Excuse the mess

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Sophie Crossley

Snapshot: 7 days on the Algarve

Portugal’s Algarve is one of the spectacular coastal locations in the country, with dramatic cliffs and sparkling blue water. Take a mini-trip via some of my favorite film shots.

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Sophie Crossley

A winter sea song

This is a little something I wrote over the winter of 2021, after returning to my hometown in New Jersey. It had been quite a

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A girl (Sophie!) is sat in a lake holding a pair of freediving fins up to her face

Hey, it's Sophie

I’m a nature lover, idea generator, both a wandering and a wondering soul, a little things enthusiast, and a storyteller. I’ve had a lifelong, hopelessly romantic relationship with writing and travel. Now, I hope to share my adventures with you and bring them to this little corner of your digital world.



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