Into the Wild Blue

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Life isn't meant to be 'escaped'.

I’m not here to tell you about life hacks or how you can start your own business in Bali next week. No, I’m after the bigger picture: Freedom of lifestyle.

You should live the life you want to, everyday. That can look like savoring your cup of coffee for an extra five minutes in the morning or finally booking that trip to Italy you’ve always dreamed of. Everyone’s idea of freedom is different. I don’t have mine nailed down yet, but it’s somewhere in-between a quiet morning in nature, living near friends, and booking my next adventure whenever it calls.

My point being: We should build a life that we want to live, not a life we spend wanting to escape. 

This blog is my journey, my life, my big, adventurous lesson.

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Hey, it's Sophie

I’m a nature lover, idea generator, both a wandering and a wondering soul, a little things enthusiast, and a storyteller. I’ve had a lifelong, hopelessly romantic relationship with writing and travel. Now, I hope to share my adventures with you and bring them to this little corner of your digital world.

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