Snapshot: 7 days on the Algarve


Portugal has a way of singing, like a siren, to the many different parts of my soul: sandy beaches I could explore eternally, other-worldly cliffs that could be out of the Avatar film, winding roads and a slow way of life. The addition of freediving and surfing also add extra points to the mix.

So, when my sister and I got the opportunity to visit the coast with some family friends, we were set up for failure. Our answer always had to be yes.

Over the course of the week, we traversed stunning shoreline, wandered in and out of swirling streets, and considered how quickly we could pack up in Bristol and relocate. For those of you who have stuck around with me for a while, you know that’s not a particularly uncommon occurrence…

Enough words, for now. I’ll let a few of my favorite film shots do the talking.

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