Snapshot: Sydney Flyby


It has been the craziest few days of what feels like nonstop flights: Newark to San Fran, San Fran to Sydney, Sydney to Christchurch. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we took a two day stop in Sydney before continuing on to Christchurch. It simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday. The altitude has definitely done a number on my brain cells’ ability to keep track of the days.

I will be spending more time in Australia after my trip to New Zealand, so my visit was only brief and blurred. But for now, here are a few shots of what I discovered in Sydney.

P.S. A huge thank you to my Aunt Carmen for hosting my crazy American/British family. We hope we didn’t give you too many gray hairs.

These next two pictures are actually from the Blue Mountains, about an hour and a half from Sydney. We just spent a morning there but they are certainly worth the mention. A great day trip if you’re in the area!

the three sisters mountains in black and white

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