A Girl, Her Dog, and a Beach Sunset


At long last, it was finally time for me to hobble home for fall break after the first half of the semester had stripped away all my energy and motivation. Being that my home is in the cozy beach town of Cape May, I figured what better way to recoop than to go for a sunset walk on the beach with my pup? I grabbed my camera and we scurried down to the sea.

This is my furball of a best friend, Tookie. (Pronounced like ‘cookie’ but with a ‘t.’) We picked up this goober at the end of my 6th grade year, and she’s still a rocket of energy 10 years later.

dog looks around on beach

She’s also the reason we can’t have nice things.

*Enter the urinating menace*

dog walks up hill towards beach

So, Tookie isn’t always a menace but she does enjoy peeing on things.

dog smelling flowers on the beacg

When she’s not peeing on things, she enjoys sniffing flowers.

And hopping in all of my photos.


At times, she’ll even pose majestically as she thoughtfully stares off into the distance.


As the lighting is juuuuust right and I’m about to capture the shot of the night, she decides to remind me what a little menace she is. (Don’t worry fellow beach lovers, I brought a baggie.)

When Tookie decides that she’s done being my muse, she’ll take me for run down the beach to serve as a reminder that she’s the one walking me, not the other way around.


She ran me until the sun left us.


And even after that, she refused to leave.

While I’m not sure I can say our walk was ‘relaxing,’ it certainly reminded me how much I’ve missed home.

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