Snapshot: 7 days on the Algarve

Portugal’s Algarve is one of the spectacular coastal locations in the country, with dramatic cliffs and sparkling blue water. Take a mini-trip via some of my favorite film shots.

A winter sea song

This is a little something I wrote over the winter of 2021, after returning to my hometown in New Jersey. It had been quite a tumultuous year, with the strike of the pandemic, the poor health of a family member, and a sprinkle of heartbreak. As always, I turned to the sea for advice – […]

My Blue Therapy: Positive Effects of Blue Space on Mental Health

A girl (Sophie!) is sat in a lake holding a pair of freediving fins up to her face

I don’t remember the first time I saw the ocean, paddled my feet in its frothing foam. I don’t remember the first time it sang its sweet lullaby of crashing waves to me. Years later, despite being a “land-dwelling” human, I am still insatiably drawn to the ocean, as so many of us are. Its […]

This is the last time I will post…

This is the last time I will post…

Have you ever started something – a project, a gym membership, and New Year’s Resolution – that never came to fruition? You were too tired, too unmotivated, or simply didn’t feel like doing it? And then proceed to kick yourself every single time you mentally revisited that ambition? I’m sure I’m not the only one […]

Visiting Yosemite in November: A Hidden Gem

the dawn wall from Yosemite national park

If you’ve ever Google searched or read about Yosemite National Park, you’ll know that two of the biggest, and most visited, landmarks are El Capitan and Half Dome. (If not, you know now!) On average, 4.5 million people flock to the park every year to catch a glimpse of these natural wonders. But what about […]

What Moving To Bristol During COVID Taught Me

Today marks 1 month since I officially moved to Bristol. I originally imagined it would be filled with adventures to every corner of the city, evenings meeting new people at the pub, and weekend adventures to the beach. The lockdown after New Year’s made sure none of that played out.

Do You Know What Ornitherapy Is?

Aside from being a visually peculiar word, what the heck is Ornitherapy? Did I misspell aromatherapy? Is it missing an ‘h’ at the beginning, and actually an entirely different word? Is it even a real word at all?!

Finding Peace in Waves

My new favorite sound is the moment of stillness just before a wave crashes. The ocean swells and rises, moving energy that could have traveled thousands of miles just to arrive at this very beach, to these grains of sand nestled between my toes.  For the briefest of moments it feels like the ocean itself […]

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