4 Steps You Can Take RIGHT NOW To Reduce Your Plastic Use


In 2020, humans generated 900% more plastic than in 1980. Do we want that for 2021? Are you a part of the problem or the solution? There’s only one person who can make a difference, and it’s you!

The most important changes we can make for the environment are actually the small ones. All of our little actions lead up to the big picture. Sure, ‘it was just one plastic water bottle’ you used, but there are 7.8 billion people on the planet. One plastic water bottle per person is still 7.8 billion bottles…

But fret not! Because if everyone made one small change, that’s almost 8 billion changes to help our planet. Even better? There’s 5 easy steps below you can make right now. 

Use a glass or metal water bottle.

Duh. This might be an overused assumption, but it’s too easy of a step for everyone to take.

Before you make the leap, think about investing in a higher quality, sustainably sourced water bottle, as well. If you buy a cheap one that leaves a funny aftertaste or breaks, you’ll just end up needing another. Below are some great finds that will get you started on reducing your plastic consumption.

Klean Kanteen – All of their bottles are 100% climate neutral! Find them here.

Save the Wave Bottle – proceeds go to helping ocean. Click here for more info!

Bring your own bags to the grocery store.

When living at home, my family went food shopping once a week and usually used around 15 plastic bags. 15 bags a week, for 52 weeks, for lets say 10 years. 7,800 bags. That doesn’t include all the extra times you ran out for a quick pint of ice cream or snack.

Reusable bags eliminate this problem. They are also usually larger, easier to carry, and come in fun, snazzy patterns. 

Avoid extra food packaging.

Have you ever thought about the fact that almost all of your food comes packaged in plastic? Loose fruit and veg is usually cheaper to buy, and you can put it in your own bag. Other stores have even started selling loose items such as pastas, oats, and laundry detergent. 

BONUS: Reuse old sauce jars to store food !

Wear a reusable facemask.

I hate to bring up the C word, but choosing the right mask is important on multiple levels: for the health of others, your own health, and the health of the environment. Plastic masks are only meant to be used one time. After that, they aren’t as effective in protecting you, or other people. Unfortunately they end up on the ground or in the ocean more often than they do in a trash can. Littering is so bad that there are more face masks than jellyfish in the ocean!

Wear a reusable cloth mask to sustainably prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not to mention, there are thousands of masks with cool designs on them. Whoever said that covering half your face meant restricting personal expression?

These masks from 4Ocean are sustainably sourced and support a company that aspires to remove waste and pollution from our oceans!


These are just a handful of ways to help us get back on track. Get excited and get other people to join you on embracing the challenge of reducing plastic waste!

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