Yes, Just 2 Weeks of Working Out Can Change Your Body


What started as a ‘what if’ joke between my sister and I abruptly came to an end about five minutes into Chloe Ting’s Two Week Shred Challenge, when we were swimming in puddles of sweat and wondering if we could possibly survive another 13 days. 

Are YouTube workouts usually this hard? Could we possibly be this out of shape? The workouts were relatively short, but boy does Chloe know how to maximize those seconds.

As I mentioned when I was halfway through the challenge, I felt really motivated to push myself, but from a place of self-love rather than self-loathing. There were certainly times when my couch was calling me with seductive songs of leisure and laze, but each day I pried open my laptop, sometimes reluctantly, and clicked play.

Can you actually see results in 14 days? My answer is, yes. Weight loss is different for everyone, but I saw the biggest change in my belly area. That’s where my body stores fat, but not everyone’s the same! In reality, two weeks is a very short amount of time to see physical improvement, so I see this workout more as a boost to start working out regularly rather than a one and done.

Of course physical perks are important to many people, myself included, but I also genuinely felt a lot stronger by the end of the 14 days. Day 1 struggled to see me finish those dang up-down planks and heard a few poems from a sailor aimed in Chloe’s direction. Day 14 still ended in a sweat, but ya girl was busting out burpees and, dare I say it, ready for more.

Although it was a 14 day challenge, I think the biggest thing has been to help me get in a workout habit. I’ve seen changes in my body in only two weeks. Imagine what can happen during longer amounts of time! 

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