Is 7 Days With Chloe Ting Enough to Notice a Difference?


I’d say I’m just about to get started on day seven of my attempt to complete Chloe Ting’s Two Week Shred Challenge, but I’m going to replace that with STRIDING into day seven. I feel good!

Make no bones about it, Chloe Ting absolutely wrecked me the first few days. I looked like a worm squirming in the dirt after a rainstorm. (Enjoy that visual.) After doing what felt like my 25th repetition of up-down planks, I started thinking about writing my will. I wondered if anyone would ever find my remains here in Thailand, Chloe Ting video still playing in the background…

Okay, I may be over-exaggerating ever so slightly, but you get my point. The first few days confronted me with a very intense, personal choice: do I want to quit now because it’s difficult, or will I persevere and exceed my limits? I decided to keep pushing. 

Sure, sure, it’s just a workout. Bigger and bolder choices have been made. To workout or not to workout…

For me, though, this choice represented a personal strength that translates beyond just exercise. If I could keep pushing my limits in a workout, there are plenty of other seemingly impossible limits I could supersede in life.

Chloe Ting’s workout made me realize that my limit is not where I think it is.

While the workouts still leave my clothes damp like I just came out of the shower and muscles twitching like they’re afraid of Chloe’s voice, I can get through more of it everyday. I feel stronger everyday. I don’t have a mirror in my apartment, so I actually don’t know what I look like (more on that coming in my next blog!), but my body and mind feel healthy, which I’m starting to realize is the most important thing.

I feel like I’ve leveled up from a squirming worm in the dirt on my first day to a slithering snake on day seven. Weakling no longer, I’m on my way to being a full-blown dragon by the end of these 14 days!

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