My Two Week Fitness Journey with Chloe Ting


I have exactly 17 days until I leave Koh Tao. That’s just over two weeks to pack up, say my goodbyes, and …. start a new habit?

That’s right, there’s no better time like the present and I’m going to attempt (emphasis on ATTEMPT) to complete Chloe Ting’s Two Weeks Shred Challenge. I’ve never heard of her before but her videos have over 12 million views, so apparently I’ve been living under a rock.

Two weeks seems like a very achievable amount of time – short enough to keep me from getting discouraged but long enough to (hopefully) see results. There’s a series of five different videos that alternate everyday, so following the program really couldn’t be any easier. Actually doing it, on the other hand, might be a different story…

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting during quarantine and I finally feel comfortable enough to do this challenge without hammering myself with body negativity. It took me a while to finally get rid of this unhealthy workout mentality.

So many of us work out because we want to change our bodies, when really we should be working out because we love them! I know it sounds silly, but these two different perspectives make a world of difference.

With all of this in mind, I’m going to try this Shred Challenge because I want to feel strong and healthy. I won’t lie, looking fit in my ‘kini on the beach is a nice feeling, too, but physical appearance won’t ever make you feel good if you don’t love yourself first. So, self-love first, physical appearance later. I’ve put in my time. I’m ready to feel healthy, look healthy, and live well. Bring it on, Chloe Ting!

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