Update: I’m Leaving Koh Tao


I always thought ‘island time’ was just a phrase made up for the purpose of looking good on a fridge magnet. With six months of living abroad already in the rear-view mirror, I can confirm that yes, island time is real, and yes, the time slips away very quickly. The countdown to my departure has officially begun and I don’t want to come to terms with it.

I booked a ticket home for multiple reasons. The first being family. We have been collectively scattered across the globe for the past year, and it’s about time we all got to stay together under one roof. 

The second being that, as much as I love Koh Tao, I get the feeling that it’s time to go. The island is still closed and it seems like work will be slow for the next few months. Many of my friends have left or are leaving. Plus, I like to think that my next adventure is waiting for me just around the corner!

Although typically the unlucky type, I’ve somehow managed to hit the lottery for these past few months. There is nowhere on the planet I would have rather spent this strange and curious time of Coronavirus. My days have been filled with exploring the island, watching sunsets, teaching online (it can’t be all play and no work, right?) and taking time for some serious self reflection, too.

I’m still nowhere near ready to say goodbye to my little oasis, but the ticket is booked and the acceptance process begins. For now, I’ll be making the most of these next few weeks, with hopefully many more stories to write and share!

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  1. Your next adventure is indeed waiting for you! Stay healthy & safe travels, Sophie.

  2. Safe trip home Sophie!! Look forward to hearing about your future plans Stay safe.love Grandmaxxx

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