Why iTalki is the Best Way to Earn Money From Home


Do you want to get paid just for having a conversation with someone in your native language? Do you enjoy learning about different cultures from around the world? Are you interested in meeting new people? With iTalki, all of this is possible! It’s perfect to earn some extra cash, or to sustain your lifestyle while living abroad.

When the sudden Coronavirus pandemic forced many jobs to shut down, iTalki became my savior. Originally I was living in Koh Tao with the intention of working as a freediving instructor. Seeing that this involves groups of people, shop owners had no choice but to close down.

I had to get crafty and fast, otherwise the dwindling numbers in my bank account would leave me, literally, stranded on an island.

This is when I stumbled across iTalki, which describes itself as an online marketplace where students and teachers can connect to learn foreign languages. There are two kinds of teachers: a professional teacher, who gives more structured lessons on things like grammar and vocabulary, and a community tutor, who helps learners practice language through conversation.

I work as a community tutor. Even though it was something I never expected to do, it has turned out to be a really awesome experience. For those of you who are curious, here is a little bit more information on what exactly a community tutor does!

different speech bubbles of how to say hello in different languages

If you end up being interested in teaching, or even taking a class, you can check out more information on the iTalki website through this link.

I get paid to have conversations in English: 

As a community tutor, I help English learners practice the language, improve pronunciation, and build their confidence through conversation. If they make a mistake while speaking, I just correct them and we continue on. We talk about anything and everything, from where my clients live, countries they’ve traveled to, or even their future goals and dreams! The conversations can go in any direction, and it’s really fun to see how they are different every time.

Get to know people and cultures from around the world: 

I get paid to have amazing conversations with interesting people from around the world! I’ve had clients from Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Costa Rica, and more. This has been such an incredible opportunity to talk to people scattered around the globe about their cultures, their lives, and where they live. Without this platform, there is no way I could have met these people. I genuinely enjoy getting to have these conversations, and can’t believe I am lucky enough to earn money doing it!

Inspire confidence:

Beyond improving speaking abilities, I love helping others feel more comfortable and building their confidence. Watching people grow from lesson to lesson is so rewarding. I have a client from Korea who is extremely sweet and very musically talented. At the end of a lesson she said, “You make me feel confident.” My heart melted. These lessons extend beyond just grammar. They involve making a person feel proud and confident enough to share their opinions and views in a language that isn’t their first.

I’ve come to realize that beyond teaching a language, I am getting to know people on a personal level. Speaking a second language is like a doorway to another world. It unlocks infinite possibilities!

I get to set my own pay rate:

And of course, there are the monetary benefits. On iTalki, I set my own rates. In a way, the site is very self-regulating and keeps prices competitive. Students can see the number of lessons taught and ratings on a teachers’ profile. In theory, the better your rating and the more classes taught, the more you can charge per lesson. This also means that I had to start out with a lower class price to entice customers, but I can raise the price as I continue teaching and get more experience.

I get to set my own schedule:

Pretty dreamy, right? Just select the hours you are available, and then students start to sign up. It’s as easy as that. Granted, the more hours you have open and the more consistent they are, the more students you are likely to have.

I can work from my phone:

That’s right! iTalki has a website and app that is used for scheduling and payment, but classes are conducted through Skype, WhatsApp, or even FaceTime. There is no special equipment or technology needed. This makes it easy and accessible for just about everyone.

Interested in working for iTalki, or even taking a class?

Check out my profile for a lesson, or sign up to start your journey to becoming a teacher or learning another language!

Have more questions? Leave a comment or send me a message. I would love to tell you more about learning with iTalki!

A different language is a different vision of life.

Federico Fellini

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