5 Days of Meditation: Day 2 – Self Love


Today left me feeling worse than yesterday, in terms of health at least. I didn’t sleep that well last night and am definitely not feeling 100 percent. I just took a fat cat nap, which almost persuaded me to remain on my couch and miss work. There are worse things that could happen…

On the flip side, the view from my current seat is one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The sun is glistening off a turquoise sea, waters lulled and tranquil from the lack of boats. Cicadas and the soft lapping of waves on the sand cradle my mind with sounds of island ease. 

I might not be feeling my best, but today I am much more inclined to focus on the positive, even if it’s only small. Just one day of meditation has made me more mindful of the path that my thoughts take, in which way they have a tendency to spiral.

Feeling a little bit hard on myself and bummed about diving, I thought the focus of today’s meditation should be on self love. I chose one on the Yoga with Adriene channel. I love her yoga videos, she’s so fun and quirky, and really enjoy her meditations, too.

This one is about 9 minutes, nice and short, but enough to give us that little extra boost of self love we all need.

One of the things she mentions in this meditation is to ‘come as you are.’ Accept what you are feeling and just let it go. It is okay to feel what you feel. For me, it was so nice to have a release of stress and tension. Everything that I am feeling is valid. 

Breathing and a mantra were incorporated again, which I always find as useful anchors. “I am worthy of love. I am love.” I realized it’s so important to give ourselves this time just to appreciate both our good qualities and our flaws. It was a pleasant change just to be here and really thinking about doing something for me.

My meditation was interrupted at the end, but I guess that’s a metaphor for life, and also good practice I suppose. We just have to keep going and try to focus when something gets in our way. If you’re looking for a little extra boost of self love, this is a nice, quick meditation to try.

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