images of a light blurred at night

My Floating Peace

I wrote this little snippet while sitting on the night ferry, leaving Koh Tao for a quick visa run.

The night is young, stars awakening in the dimming daylight overhead. The evening air whispers promises of potential in my ears and grazes my skin with traces of what can only remind me of the ocean. So sweet are the moments between now and next which we often take for granted. Linger in the present. Stay a little while longer. 

The engine beneath me purrs with a relentless continuity that brings me back to cities filled with smog and a suffocating cacophony of noises that is inescapable to both the ears and the soul. I feel lighter knowing that my life is not bound to that world. I am not bound to anything, so long as I chose not to be.

Within the hum of the engine, through the shadows of a full moon, and in the moments which accumulate to resemble our existence, I have found peace.

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