40L Osprey Fairview Review


When traveling, your backpack can easily become a black hole. Just like the drying machine, it will gobble one of your socks, just one, away into the stomach of the universe, never to be seen again, leaving you with a singular, lonely sock. Or maybe a shirt become lost in the mess that was supposed to be your perfectly packed and clean bag. With the Osprey Fairview backpack, this will never happen.

This bag is hands-down one of my best life investments. Whenever someone asks me about it, I go on an unprovoked rant about how obsessed I am. It will last you a lifetime and take you to any place on earth with confidence and style. (Wow, I’m starting to sound like a bragging mother…)

me standing with my osprey fairview 40 liter backpack
A quick snap from the day I left on my solo adventure, starting with Australia and New Zealand!

There is a long list of why I love this pack, but since we don’t have time for rant, here are some of my favorite features:

Front Loader

Avoid the hassle of top loaders that make it impossible to easily obtain anything at the bottom of the bag. The Fairview has the mobility of a backpack with the access of a suitcase. The entire bag zips open from the front, so it’s ridiculously easy to pull out anything you need at any point in time.

There are also two belt straps inside that are handy for holding down all of your clothing, or keeping it from being tossed around when moving.

Removable 15L Daypack

Now this is a dream. Not only do you have the perfect sized travel pack, but also a day pack that is ideal for adventuring. It seamlessly zips to the front of the bigger pack so that it can be carried as one, and easily comes off for whenever you want to use it.

It’s great for carrying a laptop, notebooks, adventure gear, anything you need, really. It also has lots of pockets, a feature that is so important to me in backpacks!

I actually made the mistake of leaving my day pack behind when moving to Thailand, and have been kicking myself for it everyday since. No other day pack has been able to compare for me and the ones I have tried to replace it with so far have failed miserably.

two backpacks sitting on the floor

Old reliable on the right, and the shameful day pack I chose to bring with me on the left. Good for light carrying, but can’t hold the weight that my beloved Osprey does.

Perfect Size

I have found this bag to be an all around perfect size. It’s great for a few weeks packing through Europe, and even longer trips if you are looking to go more minimal. The best part is that the 40L bag is technically still a carry on size for flights, so you can skip the hassle of bag check and save loads of money by just bringing it on!

I’ve been using my bag for long-term trips and found that the size has been helpful for keeping my wardrobe down to what I actually wear. It’s so easy to think ‘maybe I’ll wear this on a night out’ when packing, but in reality it just gets pushed farther and farther into a corner that is never touched.

Style and Practicality

Okay, I know there are a lot more features that are important than color but I will say that that’s what drew me in first, and then I realized all the other amazing stuff! I love the blue that this bag comes in, and it’s designed so that it isn’t bulky and awkward. It looks good, fits well, and feels good!

Not only that, but this bad boy will probably hold out longer than you do. The fabric of this bag is made to last. It’s tough, sturdy, and it stitched to hold everything together, even when your bag is packed to the brim.

I really don’t have enough good things to say about this bag. After living out of it for almost half a year, I never came across a single problem. I plan to keep my pack around until the stitching is literally coming apart and it is unusable. Lucky for me, I don’t think that will be for a very long time…

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