23 Years and Counting


The time has come and gone once again, as it always does, and my new 22 is rolling into 23. I feel like 23 is a very oddly shaped and ambiguous number. It’s somewhere in between the newfound fun of 21 and the semi-adultness (yes, new word creation) of 25. 

With that being said, I still have a great feeling about the next year. We will see what lessons this year brings, and reflect on what the past 22 have taught me already. These lessons are peculiar and in no particular order, just like my life thus far. Enjoy.

That office job will always be there, opportunity to travel won’t.

Find something you love doing and never stop chasing it.

girl standing in front of beach sunset with camera
Photography has been a long time passion of mine. I bring my camera wherever I go!

Your parents are right more often than you’ll be happy to admit to.

dad and i in africa
My dad and I

Try out a few different hairstyles! You might end up being pleasantly surprised, just like I was…

Put your phone down and connect with those around you.

A little video I put together in high school but the message remains just as relevant…

Queen will NEVER go out of style. Ever.

Don’t stress, you will lose the extra weight you gained in college

It’s the little things that make life so special.

7/11 will save your life (and stomach) in Asia.

Do more things that scare you *cough* Bungee jumping or a sales competition*cough*

sales competition outfit with symbols

Spend more time by the ocean.

Heck yes, get a second plate of food.

girl eating a garlic knot and ice cream

Ear plugs are a valuable packing essential anywhere you travel. (Yes, I am an 80 year old woman trapped in a 23 year old’s body.)

There is only one way to live your life, and that is the way which makes you happiest.

seal on boat with person
This furry fella decided to hop aboard our boat in Namibia.

More to explorer

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A winter sea song

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