Why Binge Watching Game of Thrones is the only Way to Watch Game of Thrones


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Beginning the “Game of Thrones” series is the best and worst thing I have ever done.

Before we start, I have some very important advice: check your calendar before embarking on the journey that is “Game of Thrones.” I don’t just mean your school or work calendar, but your life’s calendar. Your entire life is going to be put on hold, from school work, going to the gym, spending time with your significant other, eating, walking your dog, showering, social life. Once you begin, everything else comes second. With that being said, the upcoming winter break is your time to thrive.

I watched a few episodes of GOT here and there over the past year, but I wasn’t fully committed. Fun fact: I’ve never finished a TV series, EVER. That is, until Game of Thrones came along. Over a period of four weeks, I finished the whole thing. Demolished it. That’s 7 seasons with a total of 67 episodes which are about one hour each, coming to a whopping total of 670 hours. I watched 670 hours of Game of Thrones in 4 weeks and I have to say it was the best month of my life.


For those of you who casually watch one episode of a series every few days, I advise you against it with Game of Thrones. Even if you wanted to do that, I promise you won’t be able to. One cliffhanger after the next, and you suddenly find yourself three episodes in on a Wednesday afternoon. Just let it happen.

This series will envelop you into its world of dragons and whitewalkers and thrones, making for a blissful retreat during the sleepy, somber days of winter break. I love this series because even though it may seem like a foreign fantasy world nothing like our own, the characters are relatable on a level I have yet to experience in another series or even a movie (well, for the series I’ve partially watched but failed to finish…).

There’s Cersei, the one everyone loves to hate.  

Tyrion, the drunk imp who seems to always get the short end of the stick but is actually one of the most compassionate characters on the show.

Daenerys, the most badass woman out there.

And of course, who can forget the brooding and courageous Jon Snow?

So, have at it. Make the best worst decision of your life and binge watch Game of Thrones. Now you know the one true way.

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