I love this picture. I stumbled across it in a magazine when I was making a vision board. It first caught my eye because of the bright color. At a closer look I began to love everything about it, from the cute little boy to the message it sends.

“Welcome World.” These two words really speak to me. I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation recently, and a lot of emphasis is placed on being present and simply observing what you see or feel without judgement or trying to change them.

I took this picture as something that really embodies that idea, to welcome every high point and every low point in life with the same perspective: we all have something to learn from every experience. It can be so easy to judge ourselves or the environment around us when we get caught up in the moment. This picture reminds me that if we are lucky enough to feel, whether it be good or bad, then that means we are living.

We can’t forget welcome life with arms wide open.

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