We had a fantastic time speaking with Wendy Clark for Birdwatcher’s Digest, with my two co-authors Holly Merker and my dad, Richard Crossley.

I absolutely LOVE listening to podcasts – when walking, going to the gym, or just doodling around the house. Never did I think that I would actually get to participate in one!

It was such an honor to be featured in episode #99 of Birdwatcher’s Digest’s “Out There With the Birds” Podcast. We talked about everything from growing up with nature, the development of Ornitherapy, and our aspirations for the future.

Even though hearing the sound of my my own voice is weird, I’ll leave this here so anyone can take a listen! Here’s part I of our two part interview:

woman looking through binoculars practicing Ornitherapy

But hang on a second… What the actual heck is Ornitherapy, you ask? And did I use spell check before posting this blog?

Ornitherapy is the mindful observation of birds benefitting the mind, body, and soul.

Essentially, it’s a way to reconnect with ourselves and nature using the observation of birds as a medium.

Front cover of Ornitherapy

One of the reasons my coauthors and I were so excited to interview with Birdwatcher’s Digest is so that we can share Ornitherapy’s message of mental and physical wellbeing, as well as environmental conservation. It is a phenomenal all-around practice and, on top of that, it’s free! You just need to bring curiosity and an openness to learning.

Want to know more? Check out Ornitherapy.com to learn more and get your own copy.

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