Finding Peace in Waves


My new favorite sound is the moment of stillness just before a wave crashes. The ocean swells and rises, moving energy that could have traveled thousands of miles just to arrive at this very beach, to these grains of sand nestled between my toes. 

For the briefest of moments it feels like the ocean itself pauses – if only for a split second – before exhaling and sending the waves to kiss the shore. How far has this energy moved? Through what seas and skies and storms? All to be here for a fleeting moment, a kiss hello and goodbye, before returning to whence it came. 

There’s something about this moment of peace between the waves that connects me to my own. Sometimes unnoticeable, but once you hear it, you realize it is always there. Coming and going, moving and returning energy.

The noise, or perhaps the absence of it, holds me as if spellbound. What beauty we find, what peace and knowledge, in these waves.

These are my kind of moments,

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  1. You described it so beautifully … I love the sound of the waves 🌊
    We take regular walks next to the lake where we live and even there on the beach where the lake is normally quiet, we here the faint sound of the water coming and going. That sound has such a calming effect on my mind – it’s like an injection of instant positiveness.

    1. Thank you! Honestly anything to do with water is therapeutic on every level – for your mind and body! Your long walks by the lake sound like the perfect dose of blue space 🙂

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