Moving To England During the Nation’s 3rd Lockdown


I just moved to England permanently for the first time – at the start of the third national lockdown. Not my best timing, I must say, and it’s bundled with a lot of mixed feelings.

So, the nation is essentially closed. No gyms, no libraries (yes, I am a nerd), no restaurants, and definitely no bars. Who needs to make new friends when I can sit alone in my apartment for the next 6-12 weeks? In a brand new city? Most likely eating my sorrows away? Right. Did I mention, they took The Office off of Netflix, too?

I think it’s safe to say there might be quite a bit more activity from me on here in the next few weeks (can you hear my English accent yet?). Or my blog might turn into my imaginary friend. Thanks for that, Boris.

For those of you that know me, and even those who don’t, you often expect to see me globe trotting on some transcontinental adventure. I won’t lie, I do get around (woah woah, not like that), but now I’m going to be rooted in one place for at least a few months. Weird stuff.

Despite the lockdown and new restrictions, I’m still looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring. It might not be exactly what I had in mind, but when have any of my adventures ever gone exactly to plan? Maybe it’s a challenge that will help me grow or learn something new.

Or, I could get lockdown love handles from eating too many snacks. Perks of not seeing anyone for 12 weeks: hiding weight gain.

Anywho, lets just see what happens. Like I always say, the universe works in strange and mysterious ways.

Until next time,

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