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There are thousands of bloggers out there who are trying to make it to the ‘big leagues’ with big views, telling you about ‘10 Ways To Lose Weight FAST’ or ‘12 Ridiculous Things To See in New Orleans.’ I realized that’s what I’ve been starting to do in recent posts. And I also realized that’s not really me.

I’m just some girl sitting at her computer, hoping I can type away the time until I can start traveling again. It’s cool to get more views and likes and all that other instant gratification stuff (hey, I’m a sucker for it), but that’s not why I started this blog.

I write because I love to share stories and listen to other people’s stories, too. Social media and technology definitely have their fair share of problems, but it’s also made my life a whole lot easier during this lockdown shenanigan. I can still connect with others despite the confines of this ever-changing quarantine. I can travel the world sentence by sentence, pixel by pixel. And I want to bring you with me, too. These lettered keys dance away under my fingertips as my mind fills a page line by line. It’s kind of comforting, watching the white space disappear knowing that a part of me now exists there.

I want to share my wandering thoughts with some small microcosm in the pixelated world of the internet. Well, anyone who wants to listen, really. It might be different, but at least it’s me. When I walk on the beach I think about how old the shells beneath my feet are. Did a dinosaur walk past this shell, too? Part of me still thinks that I could still be a mermaid when I grow up (the other part of me knows that I’m too afraid of jellyfish for that to be a functional dream). Sometimes I have a hard time believing that you can’t actually sit on a cloud. They look too comfortable to be just condensation. 

We are all dreamers, in one way or another. Some of us just dream differently. To one person a dream looks like success at a high profile job and a steady, lavish income. Maybe they have a ‘successful’ blog. To another, afternoons in retirement spent sipping tea and reading a good book. Me, personally? I dream of days filled with adventure. New places and culture. I dream of finding home in every corner of the world, in the smile of friends and the touch of a loved one. I dream of using my words to share beautiful moments and meaningful experiences. Maybe one day I’ll even use my words to better the world. Now that’s a good dream.

For now I will just keep writing. Like Dory with a keyboard. Through the pandemonium of this pandemic, through my crazy new life in England, and through whatever else decides to appear in this mysterious life of mine. It’s been one heck of a ride so far and, if I’m lucky, I’m not even halfway through it. 

Each moment will be here, on a page. For me to share with you. And there will still be some to-do bucket lists and tips, but I think it’s time for a change. Let’s be real, not just another profile behind a computer. The one thing that makes us more human than any other characteristic is our profound ability to share stories. That’s what I want to do here. That’s where I want this page to end. Let’s share and tell and travel, line by line, story by story. And that is the end. So, let’s begin. 

What’s your story?

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Sophie.

    Thanks for following my blog ‘Busker What’s Your Story?’ I’ve just discovered yours and would like to compliment you on your writing, you have a wonderful style, very easy to read, it sounds like writing comes pretty effortlessly to you.

    I wish you all the best on resuming your wanderlust one day once we are through this dreadful pandemic. It’s taught us a lot though I think, we’ve seen the best and the worst of humanity on social media and we’ve learned a lot about misinformation and giving a damn about others (well some of us have, it seems Donald Trump missed the message).

    I look forward to reading more great posts!

    Leanne Ortiz
    Albury, NSW.

    1. Hi Leanna,

      Thanks for your comment and taking the time to read through my blog! Even though the world seems to be mostly closed down during this craziness, it’s great being able to share with others, and read amazing blogs like yours, too. I really love how ‘Busker What’s Your Story’ has the ability to bring to light the interesting, inspiring, and sometimes sad stories of people from around the globe. We could all use a little more music and positivity these days!

      The pandemic has been hellish for many (myself included) but I hope one day that we will be able to come out stronger as a result. (Hiding in the UK until the elections pass, ha! But of course, I still voted!!)

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories with us and I will excitedly be waiting for more!


  2. Well written. The world of blogging is a deep abyss if you let it be. Quality content that people want to read rather than endless lists and sponsored posts is the way to go!

    1. Thanks, James! And you are so right, quality is key. Btw saw in one of your recent posts – congrats on the static PB! Definitely not my favorite diving discipline but would do anything (even static…) to be back in the water right now. Enjoy!

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