Freediving in Cyprus


During our seven day stay in Cyprus, it’s safe to say I fell in love. With the water, that is.

Anywhere I go, you can’t keep me out of it, and Cyprus was no exception. After months out of the ocean, I was itching to get back to freediving.

I had two fantastic days in the water with Free2Dive that I never wanted to end. We even got super lucky and saw a sea turtle!

two divers swimming with a sea turtle
Swimming with our new friend!

Along the way I happened to meet Costas Constantinou at one of the diving sessions, an underwater photographer who was kind enough to snap a few pics of me! (They make me look way cooler than I actually am.)

freediver diving on the line
Enjoying a peaceful dive on the line.
freediver sitting on rocks underwater

Pretending to be a model but looking like a lost squid, whoops.

The visibility was amazing, the water warm, but unfortunately my breath was finite and I sadly had to return to the surface. There’s no telling how long I would stay down there if I had gills! One thing is for sure: the next opportunity I get, I’ll be on a plane straight back to Cyprus!

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