7 Ways to Spend 7 Days in Cyprus


As fall starts to settle in and winter looms on the horizon, many of us are already plotting an escape to a sunny paradise ‘far, far away.’ Look no farther than Cyprus, a half-Greek, half-Turkish island that is full of all the relaxation and Vitamin D you need. Escape the chilly winter blues with a trip to this stunning island.

1. Lazy Lounger. For around 2.50 Euro a day, you can sun away all your problems in a comfy lounger in front of the water. Listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy your vacation. With the money you save on this cheap lounger you can even treat yourself to a cocktail!

2. Sunset Cruise. At around just 12 Euros, enjoy luxury for the evening. With a glass of complimentary champagne (okay, maybe not the highest quality, but for 12 who’s complaining?) and a glistening sunset over the ocean on a gorgeous yacht, I’d say it’s one of my favorite ways to watch the sun go down.

freediving on line in the ocean
So good to be back in the water!

3. Freediving in Protaras. After leaving Thailand, I have had an insatiable itch to get back in the water and Free 2 Dive was a great experience! Whether you are learning, training, or, like me, just want to get back in the water, it is well worth the 30-40 for a session. 

4. Enjoy the late-night atmosphere. Because it’s so hot during the day, it isn’t until later in the evening that people scuttle out from their homes and into the open air. Streets are filled with people slowly strolling, enjoying a late dinner, and relaxing in the cool evening air. It is a wonderful atmosphere that you’ll never want to leave!

5. Eat a pita. This sounds so generic, but I am such a fan of the pita and souvlaki, it’s all I wanted to do! Below, observe the absolutely insane portions we had. That’s not to say I didn’t finish it though…

6. Party in Ayia Napa. I didn’t actually get to experience it during my visit because we didn’t have time, but this city is renowned for its bar and club scene. 

7. Salt Flats. You’ve heard about the salt flats in Bolivia, but there are also salt flats just outside of Larnaca! It is a strange and other-worldly sight if you have not seen them before, like snow in the dessert. 

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