A Summer Weekend in Cornwall


I never thought that England could be a place for water activities, but boy was I wrong. With a wetsuit handy, or some courage of steel, Cornwall has loads to offer.

This past weekend was spent surfing, paddleboarding, and camping. Not to mention, eating of course! Two days isn’t nearly enough to see everything that Cornwall has to offer, but here is a quick peak of a few highlighted places.


Enjoying the cliffs just across the road from our campsite

A small village nestled away by Padstow, we stumbled across a campsite here and it made for a great base after zipping around all day. The campsite was quiet and spacious, not to mention the afternoon tea was to die for! England is well on its way to making me fat.

Watergate Bay

I would say we went surfing here, but I’ll replace ‘went’ with ‘tried to.’ By the time we got anywhere close to the edge of the whitewater, my arms had betrayed me and turned into noodles. The only thing that followed were a lot of face plants into the water.

Pentire, Lewinnick Lodge

View of Lewinnick from above

By now you know that I love food and the ocean. This restaurant has the best of both worlds, with a cliffside view perfect for sunset and glass walls that don’t obstruct the panoramic scenery. If you can take your eyes off the delicious food long for enough to notice, that is.


Although our morning started off rainy, it soon cleared up and we were on our way to the best breakfast I’ve had since arriving in England. Nestled away unassumingly on the side of the road, Nin’s has the most beautiful breakfast baps I’ve ever seen (MASSIVE) filled with all kinds of goodies from hashbrown and egg to applesauce and stuffing. 

Prussia Cove

Ready to rock and roll after Nin’s, this little cove was the perfect place to relax and enjoy. With a swim to check out the sea life and a paddle to enjoy the sun, it was easy to spend an entire afternoon here.


And finally to top it all off, as if we hadn’t eaten enough, was pizza at The Stable. Located directly on the water with a chilled out vibe, the thin crust pizza is unbeatable along with the Rootin Tootin cider that is just as much fun to say as it is to drink.

My first big adventure to Cornwall certainly has not let me down and I’m looking forward to exploring more corners of this surprisingly ocean-oriented region.

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