We’re Going On A Road Trip!


I know what you’re thinking. ‘A road trip? In the middle of a pandemic? That seems extremely counterintuitive, not to mention irresponsible.’ 

Don’t worry, while we did our due diligence on how to be safe during COVID, we also plan on staying far away from people during our road trip. This ‘social distancing’ rule has been a great excuse for me to avoid unnecessary human interaction, and that’s exactly what I have in mind for this trip. 

We’re going to drive out past the main hubs of civilization like Chicago and New York to the wide open, and hopefully deserted, territories of the west. Lots of fresh air and minimal human interaction is the aim of the game.

After returning home from Thailand, the usual absurd amounts of chaos ensued. I really should come to expect it by now. I suppose I have too much hope for my own good. 

Regardless, today is the precious day of departure! Departure from this crazily crammed coast to somewhere that nature sits undisturbed and stars dazzle brightly in the absence of human contact. Stars certainly have social distancing nailed down…

Our trip will take us out West to Glacier National Park, but today the goal is just to zip to Chicago. More on our road trip crew and itinerary coming up in the next blog!

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  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Will be thinking of you during your adventures ❤️

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