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Seven. That’s how many colors there are in a rainbow, how many days there are in a week. Some consider it a lucky number, but to me seven is the number of continents on this big sphere of earth and ocean. And I want to visit them all.

I just finished college, and heck no, I’m not going back for more. School was a booster in helping me achieve personal growth, but my best work and self have always been found beyond wooden desks and dusty chalkboards. The moments that spark a fire in my soul, that burn everlasting memories into my mind and drive me to push my limits have been continuously found in places new to me.

Not surprisingly, the idea of taking a desk job has been put on hold. There are decades of work waiting for me, so I figured that entering the field with a few months delay shouldn’t be too detrimental to my career. Whenever I travel, I always come back with more knowledge than I left with; about people, new places, experiences, and life in general. Hopefully the right job will understand that my travel experience is more valuable than anything I could ever learn at school or sitting behind a computer. Who knows, the right place might want me because of my adventures…

…which will be taking me to two new continents. My tentative trip encompasses Australia, New Zealand, India, and Southeast Asia. For five months I’ll be exploring new cultures, cities, and countries, but I can’t promise a return date. I’m trying to keep my plans relatively open so that if an adventure to an unexpected area calls, I can answer. Fret not friends and family, there will be a return flight, it just hasn’t been booked yet.

I won’t lie, the open-endedness does make me a smidge uncomfortable because I don’t like having indefinite loose ends hanging around, but I also think that it will be an opportunity to experience a new form of freedom. I am the only one in charge of where this journey will take me. The countries I’ll see, people I’ll meet, and lessons I’ll learn are all for me to discover. This is my path and mine alone.

The next few months are going to be riveting, challenging, and unforgettable. I want to be engulfed in new cultures, inspired by life, and guided to grow. There’s no telling exactly where I’ll be come November, but wherever it is, I’ll have stories to tell. Follow me as I bring my solo adventure to this tiny corner of the Internet, and I’ll see you in a few months.

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