DIY Vision Board


Sometimes I feel like an unmotivated potato, perfectly contented to stay huddled in my blanket as the glow of Netflix makes my face visible in the darkness. It’s easy to lose track of our goals when life is filled with speedy deadlines, daily errands, and blurry moments. Vision boards are a great way to keep our goals and dreams in plain sight – and in a cute, stylish way! They’re simple to make, and you get to add your own spunky, personalized touch.

Step 1: The Tools

You don’t need much to get started, just poster board, glue, scissors, and your choice of cut outs! You can use magazines, newspapers – anything you want.


Step 2: Start Chopping

Snip away at whichever pieces stand out to you and start laying them out on the poster board. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so just go for it! I usually like to have a combination of words and photos, so there’s a nice balance to it. Set an hour or two aside so you can really take your time. Heck, throw on some music, light a few candles, sip some wine and make a whole night out of it!

DIY Board Middle

Step 3: Glue!!

Definitely save the gluing part for last. This way you can rearrange and move pieces as you like. I used Elmer’s this time, but rubber cement can be much easier because most of them come with a brush to apply the glue.

DIY Board Final

And viola! You have the finalized project. Now when your inner potato tries to let loose, you’ll always have this little reminder to keep you motivated.

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