Freediving in Cyprus

During our seven day stay in Cyprus, it’s safe to say I fell in love. With the water, that is. Anywhere I go, you can’t keep me out of it, and Cyprus was no exception. After months out of the ocean, I was itching to get back to freediving.

What It’s Like to Freedive a Wreck

girl standing in a canyon underwater

Quarantine has given me a lot of extra spare time, and I’ve been trying to use it to my creative advantage. A few days ago, my friend Tony and I went to check out a local wreck off the beach in Koh Tao. Obviously, we took extra precautions to be safe during this crazy time […]

Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Freediving

Where are you right now? What are you feeling? What sounds do you hear? How fast are you breathing? These are all things that are happening in the present moment, yet rarely do we pay them any attention. Mindfulness is a key element to experiencing the present moment, and is a tool that freedivers can […]

Why I Love Freediving

girl freediving in ocean

The ocean has always called to me. From the time I could stand up in diapers, you could always find me chasing the waves of the shore. Jumping in and out, over and under. Swimming until my fingers pruned and the sun kissed my hair white.

Freediving to Play Large Role in Avatar 2 Movie

The long-anticipated Avatar sequel draws attention to freediving in a new light, as the majority of the movie takes place in an underwater world called “Metkayina.” There is a lot of underwater work done with both actors and camera men. Between the cast, safety crew, camera people, grips, and special effects technicians, over 200,000 hours […]

What is Free Diving?

As I’ve had to explain to my parents multiple times, free diving is not diving that you do for free. When I told them I started free diving, their first response was, “I don’t understand, who is paying for you to dive then?” While doing some research of my own, I found an article by […]

Update: 4 Months Abroad

My motto for this trip has been that the universe works in strange and mysterious ways, and it certainly hasn’t failed to let me down so far. This past month has been the most unexpected, and exciting, yet.

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