My Blue Therapy: Positive Effects of Blue Space on Mental Health

A girl (Sophie!) is sat in a lake holding a pair of freediving fins up to her face

I don’t remember the first time I saw the ocean, paddled my feet in its frothing foam. I don’t remember the first time it sang its sweet lullaby of crashing waves to me. Years later, despite being a “land-dwelling” human, I am still insatiably drawn to the ocean, as so many of us are. Its […]

Visiting Yosemite in November: A Hidden Gem

the dawn wall from Yosemite national park

If you’ve ever Google searched or read about Yosemite National Park, you’ll know that two of the biggest, and most visited, landmarks are El Capitan and Half Dome. (If not, you know now!) On average, 4.5 million people flock to the park every year to catch a glimpse of these natural wonders. But what about […]

Freediving in Cyprus

During our seven day stay in Cyprus, it’s safe to say I fell in love. With the water, that is. Anywhere I go, you can’t keep me out of it, and Cyprus was no exception. After months out of the ocean, I was itching to get back to freediving.

Camping Glacier National Park: One Site, Nine People, and Huckleberry Jam

Doe-eyed, like the animals we were hoping to see, we ogled at the park ranger in front of us. “There’s only one campsite available tonight,” she said to a line of four cars. It was 7:30 in the morning and most of us had dragged ourselves from the warmth of our sleeping bags 3 hours […]

Why iTalki is the Best Way to Earn Money From Home

world map with iTalki logo

Do you want to get paid just for having a conversation with someone in your native language? Do you enjoy learning about different cultures from around the world? Are you interested in meeting new people? With iTalki, all of this is possible! It’s perfect to earn some extra cash, or to sustain your lifestyle while […]

Why I Love Freediving

girl freediving in ocean

The ocean has always called to me. From the time I could stand up in diapers, you could always find me chasing the waves of the shore. Jumping in and out, over and under. Swimming until my fingers pruned and the sun kissed my hair white.

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