Sophie’s Solo Adventure

girl standing in front of beach sunset with camera

Seven. That’s how many colors there are in a rainbow, how many days there are in a week. Some consider it a lucky number, but to me seven is the number of continents on this big sphere of earth and ocean. And I want to visit them all.

Redefining Happiness and Searching for Joy

After reflecting on 2018 and thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2019, I decided that, above all, I just wanted to find happiness, whether that’s in my writing, a post-grad job, or anything else. It wasn’t until I ventured down to Florida with my family that I realized just how flawed the word […]

End of the Semester Struggles

sick in bed

Let’s be honest: if you know me, you know that my struggle is closer to being a lifestyle than an occasional mishap. But these last few weeks, my struggle has been unusually persistent and has somehow intensified from its already high levels. My life would really make for a great comedy show. 

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