Finding Sight in 2020

I think this picture does the best job of summing up 2019, for me at least. I can’t tell you anything new or exciting that any other blogger can’t. I’m sure there’s a million other blogs out there today, but this best represents my year. The searching I did, the traveling, the inward and outward […]

Go – A Tribute to 2019

In homage of the end of another 365 days, reflecting on memories from years past and those yet to be made. This was written with my favorite moments in mind, and more that will come. Just don’t forget, the end of of this year is also the start of another. Life is fleeting, so: go.

2018: The Year That Changed My Life

sun setting over lake in florida

I guess you could say it’s a silly title. Every year changes my life in one way or another. In 2016 I chopped off a big chunk of my hair and with that, my insecurities. In 2017 I went to South Africa, Namibia, England, and Greece. I’m still trying to figure out how to sum […]

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