My Blue Therapy: Positive Effects of Blue Space on Mental Health

A girl (Sophie!) is sat in a lake holding a pair of freediving fins up to her face

I don’t remember the first time I saw the ocean, paddled my feet in its frothing foam. I don’t remember the first time it sang its sweet lullaby of crashing waves to me. Years later, despite being a “land-dwelling” human, I am still insatiably drawn to the ocean, as so many of us are. Its […]

Self Love: 3 Months Without Looking into a Mirror

girl looking into the corner of a mirror

Today I saw a full body mirror for the first time in over three months. Since changing apartments in February, I have been living in a place without any mirrors besides my phone and a small hand mirror. Initially, it was really strange – not because I particularly cared how my outfits looked, but because […]

3 Vital Self-Love Lessons That Helped Me Survive Quarantine

girl with hair in a bun looking out the window

While Netflix might be making a few extra million dollars this month, not everyone has had such positive experiences during the pandemic. Facing separation from loved ones is no easy task, and being alone with your demons for over a month is purgatory for some. Rather than let the negative corners of my mind wreck […]

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