me posing for a picture with some of the girls from the orphanage
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October 13, 2019: Sophie’s India

This entry is quite a long one, but one that makes me smile whenever I read it. My time in India was jam packed, so every entry during that time spans a few days. To summarize, Aunt Jayne and I were staying at the Michael Job Center in India, where Christian girls, most of whom are orphans, are taken in and given housing and an education. They are incredible, bright, kind girls and I wanted to spend as much time getting to know and help them as possible. I’ll never be able to thank my Aunt Jayne enough for bringing me on this trip!

Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible, busy, crazy few days! I don’t even know where to begin so I’m just going to throw random things down as they come to me. 

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My First Few Days in India

India is a lot like Vegemite (a lesson I learned in Australia): you either hate it or you love it. Some people warned me that it was overpopulated, overwhelming, and most definitely under sanitized. They were right. Cities are overflowing with people, blanketed in trash, engulfed by a cacophony of noise – and I absolutely love it.

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