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It's Sophie

A pen and paper gal gone Digital. An American(ish) living abroad. A beach girl in the city. A 20-something figuring it out.


Welcome to my blog and all of the quirky, entertaining experiences that come with it. I originally started up this website as a way to keep all of my writing and work in one place, but now I hope to share some of my stories as I travel around the world.

Drop a line, say hello, let’s connect!

And so it began with....

It all started with the procrastination of ‘adulting,’ as I call it, and taking a few months off after graduating college to venture to far flung lands. My trip began with Australia, New Zealand, India, and accidentally ended with Asia.


I say accidentally because I had every intention of exploring a vast expanse of Southeast Asia, but instead ended up falling in love with a little island in the south of Thailand called Koh Tao. Try as I did, I couldn’t leave this laid-back, chilled out beauty of a rock. It also didn’t help that every ounce of my soul became absolutely enamored with freediving. (What the heck is freediving? More info on that here.)

And then what?

So I decided to stay. I packed up my 40L Osprey bag, one small backpack, and moved my life to Thailand to work as a freediving instructor. Unexpected? Slightly nerve-wracking? Totally worth it? Yes, yes, and heck yes.

I still don’t know exactly what the future holds, but that’s the most exciting part. Anything is possible!

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