Best To Do in Lake Worth, FL


Common Grounds’ open mic night

If there were one thing I had to plan my visit to Lake Worth around, it would be this. Common Grounds is a groovy little coffee shop just off the main strip on South J Street. On the first and third Saturday of every month they have an open mic night that will blow your mind. People from up and down the Florida coast come in to perform: singers, comedians, spoken word poets musicians, and more. This spunky little coffee shop has cultivated a vibrant, compassionate environment where all are welcome and everyone is heard.

Street Painting Festival

Sadly, I’ve never gotten to experience the street painting festival but I’ve heard that it’s nothing short of spectacular. Artists from around the world come to paint their mesmerizing murals on the streets of Lake Worth. Some are so realistic it seems like you just might fall in! It makes for some amazing pictures. This year the festival takes places from February 23-25.

Bali Imports

This is hands down my favorite store in all of Lake Worth. Here you can find anything from beautiful shell earrings to comfortable kimonos to Buddha signs to hang on your wall. Everything has its own unique and funky style. But be warned, you might end up accidentally spending more money than you want at Bali Imports. I speak from experience. Everything is so cute, and so cheap. I got this gorgeous pair of shell earrings for $3.95. It was a steal, so I bought two more…

Bonfire on the Beach

I can never get enough of the beach and am always looking for an excuse to go back. Once or twice a month, Lake Worth has bonfires on the beach. It’s super laid back, just bring a beach chair or towel to sit on and you’re good to go! There’s even a band playing live music. You can check out the schedule on their Special Events website page.

The Book Cellar

When burdened with the hard task of sitting for hours on end on the beach, it’s always nice to have a book to read. The Book Cellar has a book for every genre lover, not to mention a cafe next store where you can satisfy your nibbles and get those pages turning. It’s simple and quaint. You’ll be sure to find something you love.

Mamma Mia’s

What’s a beach day without an afternoon snack? Look no further than Mamma Mia’s. You hardly even have to leave the beach, just walk off the sand in your bare feet and it’s right across the street with a stellar view of the ocean. Refuel after a hard days work of sitting in the sun with a steamy slice of pizza and garlic knots bigger than my fist. Mamma Mia’s knows how to do pizza the right way. From the picture below you can tell that I’m obviously a fan. And yes, I’m eating a garlic knot and ice cream simultaneously. An animal, I know.

girl eating a garlic knot and ice cream

Sunrise on the Pier

And the best way to end your trip in Lake Worth is to watch the sunrise from the pier. It’s $1 to get on, the view will be so worth it. So far out on the water it’s peacefully calm, with the occasional fisherman casting out his line and a few pelicans trying to snatch up the leftovers. You’ll thank yourself for waking up early for this one.

four girls standing on a pier at sunrise
From left to right, my friends Summer, Tess, me, and Maria

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