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I’ve come to realize that I have a love-hate relationship with Bristol. I love her, but she hates me. Sam tells me that Bristol hates everyone, so at least she doesn’t discriminate.

It all started well enough. Wednesday we went out for sports night which was a doozy, with lots of dancing and happy-blurry memories. Unfortunately, I soon came to realize that my left ear still hadn’t relieved itself of the intense pressure from being on the plane. What started out as a dull ache on Wednesday had become both painful and deafening by Friday. Since then I haven’t heard a single thing out of my left ear. 

Everything seems to be connected when it comes to ears, eyes, and throats, so I am also struggling through swollen tonsils and painfully dry lips. As much as I wanted to just lay in bed and sleep, I’m only in Bristol for a few days and decided to make the most of it. I stopped into the hospital here and got it checked out just to be safe, and then decided self medicate slightly by going for another night out with Sam. Rightly or wrongly, it was a Queen themed night so there was absolutely no chance I was going to miss that.

With my ear being so bad, I looked into extending my trip by a day or two to hopefully give a chance to heal. Being stuck on a plane for 8 hours with agonizing ear pain would certainly be classified under one of my definitions of ‘hell.’ After calling the airline, switching my flight to Thursday instead of Tuesday would cost a whopping $500 (?!?!?!)!! Yep. $200 as a standard fee for changing the flight and another $300 to the pay difference between the cost of my original ticket and the new one. 

So, that certainly won’t be happening. For now it looks like I’m going to have to stick it out on the plane tomorrow and hope my eardrum doesn’t explode. 

Aside from my whining, the rest of the trip has been nothing short of amazing! This complaining post may have suggested otherwise but Bristol has skyrocketed its way to being my absolute favorite city, right up there with Barcelona.

More to come about my Bristol adventure in my next post 🙂

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