Summer in Cape May


This summer in Cape May might be one of my last. Senior year of college has begun, and the possibilities for adventure, success, and learning are only just starting to reveal themselves on the distant horizon. Seeing that time whizzes past me faster and faster every year, I wanted to make sure this summer was not one that I would forget, using my camera to freeze frame my favorite moments, so they might stay with me just a while longer.

A perfectly still night at the Cape May Marina.

One of the best things about Cape May is that it sits in its own bubble. When you watch the sun slipping out of view as it melts into the ocean, hearing the sound of the waves lightly lap the shore like it’s been doing for millions of years, you forget the rush that life has entangled us in. The noisy city you come from or the homework you have due eases into the background as the salt erodes our stress-hardened edges. The ocean will always be a deeply healing place for me.

Crashing waves at The Point.

Sometimes our happiest moments are the ones we weren’t planning: going to the beach in-between a double, exploring a dock, just taking it all in. These spontaneous moments are some of my favorites.

Wherever my career and wanderlust may take me, Cape May will always be my true home. With the sound of the ocean waiting on the other side of my window, the salt breeze to kiss my skin, and a town filled with lessons and memories that have shaped me into who I am, it’s hard to forget a place like Cape May.

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